Hiring Types


Permanent staff roles are offered in certain circumstances, with this employment method an individual would become an employee of Caresoft Global Limited on a permanent contract. Benefits include 25 days holiday per annum, Company Sick Pay/SSP.


Effectively you would become an employee of Caresoft Global Limited on a fixed term employment basis. Your gross pay will be subject to personal tax and NI deductions. You will be entitled to a minimum of 20 days holiday per year plus 8 bank holidays, Statutory Sick Pay, . These contracts will accrue statutory rights as per current legislation.

Umbrella Company

An Umbrella Company works in a similar way except that Caresoft would pay the Umbrella Company the fully burdened rate, i.e. the PAYE salary plus any deduction that Caresoft would make to cover ENIC (Employers National Insurance Contributions and deductions to cover holiday pay and SSP allowances).

Under this situation you would be an employee of the Umbrella Company rather than Caresoft. Most umbrella companies have dispensations with the tax office where certain expenses may be claimed - these are deducted from your gross pay prior to the application of Tax and NI.

A list of Caresoft approved Umbrella companies is shown below.

Limited Company

This is where an individual sets up their own company and they are fully liable, for all tax, NI and any insurance liabilities, quotations are required to cover the services being supplied an a purchase order is issued to cover the service. Advice should be taken from a qualified accountant regarding taking this route.

Please note that Caresoft Global Limited will not work with the following:

  • Managed Service Companies/Partnerships
  • Self Employed/Sole Trader
  • Offshore and Overseas Limited Companies

Should you require further information or more detail please call one of the recruiters listed in the Contacts tab.

Umbrella Partners

Below is a list of Umbrella Partners approved by Caresoft Global Limited .

The list below shows the names and contacts of umbrella providers that have been reviewed by Caresoft. We would recommend that any individual considering working via a 3rd party should take independent advice.

The providers listed, have been checked for their knowledge and process and have been selected for providing a relatively trouble free service to our contractors.

Samara Burke

0207 471 3529

[email protected] www.360-group.com

Richard Arber

01925 235773

[email protected] www.brookson.co.uk

Gareth Richardson

01253 600141

[email protected] www.danbro.co.uk

Andy Heppleston

0800 622 6119

[email protected] www.epayme.co.uk

Ryan Morton

08443 247873

[email protected] www.giantgroup.com

Andrew Hancock

01925 645267

[email protected] www.parasolgroup.co.uk

Umbrella Companies wishing to be considered for our annual review should email a request and details to [email protected] if there is any interest you will be contacted directly. Caresoft will not accept any sales calls directly from Umbrella providers.